Hello, my name is Sophia. Meow. I will write more here later. Welcome to my website!


I’m currently looking for creative/technical projects to collaborate on this summer. This is an open invite, especially if we don’t know each other at all. Ideally you have a project in mind, but we can also come up with something together. In general, I would be interested in projects in the areas of compilers, programming languages, games (video or tabletop), linguistics, worldbuilding, electronic music, or digital (generative or digitial-tools) art.

Feel free reach out with ideas, feedback, to collaborate, or just to say hi. DMing me on twitter is the best way to reach me. You can also open an issue on github if you’re getting in touch about a project hosted there. Here is my PGP key if you’d like to encrypt your message.

pages and things to check out

The Promotion Market is an implementation of the web1.0 ideal of internet ads: get paid to put interesting things online. This is even more effective now due to the current resurgence of personal sites (like this one) and cool things that their owners want to promote. The key constraint is that ads are approved and negotiated in both directions: buyers approve what sites their ads run on, and site owners approve what ads are shown. I’m hoping that this manual vetting will let us find high-quality, interesting things that site owners are happy to be paid to promote. I’m currently looking for both ad buyers and site owners, DM me on twitter if you want to be part of the first round.

RiftWar is a tabletop wargame for 2+ players with rules for close and ranged combat, units of different sizes, and structures and terrain. Instead of regular turn-taking, it has a phase system in which players move their units until they fail an action. It includes army creation rules (and some samples armies) and is setting-agnostic (the meta-story is that the battles are a result of multiversal collapse). It’s a nice casual wargame with lots of room for creativity in army and terrain design. I’m still iterating on it with continued playtests and would love feedback or thoughts on the open questions at the top of the page.

other things to check out

(more are listed on my github, but may be old and/or incomplete)