The Promotion Market

The Promotion Market is a low-tech advertising network for personal sites and projects. We believe in the web1.0 ideal of internet ads: get paid to put interesting things online. You can pay to put a static image ad on other people’s small sites, or get paid for having one on yours.

Ads are approved in both directions: buyers approve what sites their ads run on, and site owners approve what ads are shown. This process selects for high-quality, interesting things that site owners are happy to be paid to promote.

How it works

  1. (We are here.) Ad buyers and site owners sign up to participate in the first one-month round.
  2. We help buyers design an ad if they don’t have one. Ads are banner or sidebar images and should generally look nice.
  3. When we get enough signups, we present participants with their options. Buyers make non-binding offers on sites, and vice versa.
  4. All participants are presented with offers and can choose to commit to accepting any number of them.
  5. We let everyone know which offers were mutually accepted, and handle logistics and payment.

If you are interested in joining the first round (or have any questions), DM a11ce on Twitter with some information about what you want to promote or a link to your site.